Bring your outdated cabinets back to life

The experience and high skills of our experts can restore any outdated cabinet that you may have!

You do not need to change your cabinets, you just need to refinish them.

Are you thinking about remodeling your house and changing your cabinets? You just need to upgrade your cabinets in order to make your kitchen more modern, after all they, alongside your shelves, offer comfort to you and add value to your environment. Our objective is to transform your house and make your dreams come true, so allow our professionals to help you with cabinet refinishing services.

Advantages of cabinet refinishing


New units are expensive, especially if you already have quality cabinets. By refinishing them, you save money and time.


Why wait for your cabinets to be pulled out and replaced? Painting or refinishing takes less time so you can enjoy your environment earlier.

Revolutionary result

You will love the way your cabinets will look after our specialists finish their job. Our team has the right abilities and tools to offer exactly what you need.

We care about the quality of our job and respect your house

Cabinet refinishing

Advantages of hiring our services:

Affordable pricing

We work in order to provide you with unique services with affordable prices.

Flexibility on scheduling

Our company is known for providing fast services so you do not have to wait days to start your remodeling project.

Quality and dedication

We at Junior Painting deliver quality: we will provide the best for you and your family with dedication when you trust us.

About Junior Painting

Our company is known for providing quality and flexibility on scheduling since we are always at your service. During 17 years we have learned techniques to improve our skills, thus being respected due to our excellent employees who always honor our clients. We are proudly qualified to satisfy your needs.
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